The Tasmanian Community Food Garden

The Tasmanian Community Food Garden is a fruit and vegetable garden situated within the grounds of the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, located in Hobart, Tasmania. The Food Garden showcases best practice principles in organic and sustainable produce-growing techniques and demonstrates to visitors the variety of seasonal crops that can be easily grown in home gardens. The Community Food Garden has been operating since 2014. It was established in the location of “Pete’s Patch”, a vegetable plot established in 1996 and made popular by well-known gardener Peter Cundall. This original garden was designed to showcase the method of crop-rotation using six traditional raised garden beds. The Garden is featured regularly on Australian Broadcasting Commission’s television program Gardening Australia, which reaches audiences of over 800,000 viewers per episode. The Community Food Garden is managed by our team in conjunction of a team of volunteers. The Community food Garden produces 1,500 – 2,000 kilograms of produce each year, this produce is donated to organisations like Loaves and Fishes who ensure the produce is delivered to the people in our community who need it the most.