Inala Jurassic Garden and Nature Museum, Bruny Island.

This five-acre garden, together with its own Nature Museum, is nestled at the base of Mount Mangana and diagonally across the road from the Sprokkelwood Art Garden, near Cloudy Bay on south Bruny Island.

Designed across five acres of gently undulating land and accessed by a winding, wheelchair-friendly path, Inala’s Jurassic Garden gives visitors an insight into the flora that was part of the ancient supercontinent Gondwana. Despite splitting apart 185 million years ago, much of the flora of Gondwana survives today on continents such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America and New Caledonia. Over 500 species and subspecies of well-labelled plants have been thoughtfully planted in family groups in the Jurassic Garden, making it easy to compare and contrast how these living remnants of the ancient supercontinent Gondwana have survived across a diverse array of environmental conditions after the continents drifted apart. Informative interpretation panels have been placed throughout the garden for further information on each group. Picnic tables and chairs are also available for your use.

Entry to the Jurassic Garden also gains admittance to the adjacent Inala Museum. For much of her life, Tonia Cochran, founder of Inala Nature Tours, has travelled Australia and further afield collecting shells, fossils, minerals and other fascinating artefacts of the natural world. The Nature Museum houses her collection. There are strong connections between the Nature Museum and Jurassic Garden, with many of the ancient fossils on display also featuring as living versions just outside in the Garden.

Entry:    $10 adults and  $5 children.

Proceeds go towards funding Inala’s wildlife rehabilitation program and onsite conservation work.

Open:     10am – 4pm daily, daily (excluding Christmas day) or by appointment at other times.

Location: “Inala” 320 Cloudy Bay Road, Lunawanna, Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia, 7150

P: (03) 6293 1217