Over the past few years our Blooming Tasmania website has gone from strength to strength. This has been further enhanced with the change to our new WordPress© based website.


All member information has been loaded across from the 2013-2014 Blooming Tasmania guide, along with any suitable images to which we have access, and further information supplied by members.


We are asking all members to check that their web-pages are up to date and reflect what you would like to see on your web-page.


Every member is entitled to up to 200 words and three pictures (maximum size 300 x 300 pixels), on their page.  Whilst we would encourage everyone to use their entitlement, please consider the users, and make sure it is firstly a quality representation of your enterprise.


Images must be either jpg, gif, bmp or png format.  Those who are not computer connected may send in prints, which we will endeavour to scan in at our earliest opportunity.


Having our own website enables us to give every member (or listing) a dedicated page, and where appropriate, a link to their own website. It also affords extra pages for BT to put to any other use we may consider appropriate.  As you will see, our new layout provides a comprehensive array of garden-related information, which we hope will encourage visitors to plan memorable trips and stay longer in Tasmania.


Recent changes have lead to considerable enhancements, especially in improving our search engine rankings – the absolutely essential element of any effective website. This is all part of a continuing process.  We understand there are many enhancements that could be applied to our website. We also know that such progress can come at very serious cost. To date, we have been able to provide a comprehensive and effective website without costing members any significant money.


Please take personal responsibility for your page(s) and ensure that your web-page is looking its best.