About Blooming Tasmania

Blooming Tasmania Association Inc. is the industry body for garden tourism operators in Tasmania. As well as promoting Tasmania’s unique garden attractions, we actively seek to raise standards and assist the development of member properties.

Formed in 2004 to build on the good beginnings made by Jenny Cox and Bobbie O’Brien in producing early Blooming Tasmania Booklets, the organisation has made great progress, not only in producing modern and widely acclaimed guide booklets, but also in fostering the development of a great industry around Tasmania. We are also very proud of Blooming Tasmania’s unique ability to assist visitors to access all parts of this very diverse, yet compact island.

Blooming Tasmania Association Inc. is a non-profit incorporated association. Most of our members are small, family-based businesses, located around Tasmania.

This website is a natural development from our guide booklets, recognizing the rapid development of web-based visitor planning. We trust you will find it useful in making your future visits to Tasmania even more enjoyable.

Finding members of suitable talent and enthusiasm to carry our industry forward is never easy, especially when most members are already very busy running their own small businesses, but the level of achievement witnessed over the past decade has been quite incredible.

Blooming Tasmania plans to continue its role in developing this industry, and there are many areas where we think we can make substantial progress over coming years.

Our proximity to the industry over this time, the enthusiasm of our members, overwhelmingly positive responses from our many visitors, and the quality and innovation now apparent in so many Tasmanian gardens, gives us great encouragement to believe that much more will be achieved.