Blooming Tasmania brings you Tasmania’s unique garden attractions.

Blooming Tasmania offers Tasmania’s unique garden attractions punctuated by amazing scenery, fascinating history, & incredible food and wine experiences.

As an island set in the Southern Ocean immediately south of the Australian continent, Tasmania enjoys one of the world’s most productive climates.

From the arrival of the first European settlers early in the nineteenth century, incredible gardens have been developed in this unique southern paradise. Most plants can be grown here with relative ease, especially those of cool temperate origin.

Tasmania is about the same size as the Republic of Ireland, the Japanese island of Hokkaido, or the US state of West Virginia.

Within this relatively small area lies an enormous diversity of micro-climates. From rugged mountains and forests, to fertile coastal plains and river valleys. Most regions enjoy fertile soils, reliable rainfall, and none of the extremes of temperature that limit many gardens around the world.

Having four distinct seasons, quite differing experiences can be enjoyed at various times of year.

Every visitor to Tasmania has their own preferences and time frames and so we seek to offer a diverse range of options for your particular enjoyment. As you will see, we not only list gardens, but garden related events, tours and walks, specialist growers and nurseries, and garden accommodation.

Links are also provided to other sites that we feel may be of interest while you are enjoying the gardens of Tasmania.

Above all, we suggest that you take the time to relax, unwind, and experience the great joy experienced on a day-to-day basis by all of us who seek to develop gardens in this southern paradise.

State Trails

Icons have been placed next to member properties indicating significant bird populations, wildflowers and autumn foliage.