Meet our 2016-2017 Team

It is with pleasure that Blooming Tasmania announces  a new Blooming Tasmania committee.

The energetic committee meets bi-monthly at various locations throughout the state.

This is a committee with lots of ideas on ways to progress and represent the members of the organization, to progress Tasmania’s niche garden sector.

Blooming Tasmania product includes floral shows, festivals and garden open days, as well as a broad range of gardens, walks and tours, specialist growers and nurseries, and garden-based B&Bs.  Blooming Tasmania (booklet or website) will guide you on a great journey including a wide range of unique garden experiences.


The committee is:-


Jane Teniswood ,   Wind Song B&B     6257 7583  or  0418 995 319  or

Secretary :

Judith Hughes,     The Tasmanian Arboretum  6427 2690


Pam Swain, 6393 1153

Deputy Chairperson, Marketing Officer, :

Jennie Chapman,   6391 2686

Public Officer:

Phil Parsons,  The Tasmanian Arboretum


Committee Members:

Jane Teniswood,  6257 7583

Jennie Chapman,    6391 2686

David Reid,  Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens,  6236 3050

Phill Parsons,    The Tasmanian Arboretum,    6427 2690

Pam Swain,  Fitzpatrick’s Inn,  6393 1153

Jennifer Fitzpatrick,   Tourism Tasmania (ex officio)  6230 8172

Pavel Ruzicka,

It is the intention of the committee to further develop the Blooming Tasmania brand throughout the coming year by building on a range of initiatives. Blooming Tasmania members will also be represented at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show in 2017.

The committee will keep you updated with events and activities as they eventuate throughout the coming year so do keep coming back to our new website for information.

Should you wish to contact the organisation please phone our Chair person on 0418 995 319, the Secretary on (03) 6427 2690 or by email at for further information.

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